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Will you be watching in the office or in bed?

June 4th, 2010 by · 1 Comment · De Bunker, Features, Football

WCO will certainly be watching in the office. Well, it”s less an office, more a windowless, high-security bunker that we are not allowed out of for a month. But if you count that as an office, then yep, we”ll be watching at work.

But what about you?

Our lovely WCO followers are the world over – which makes catching the footy (note how Soccy doesn”t work) somewhat more awkward.  A 7pm kick off in Cape Town makes it lunchtime in New York (of course, New Yorkers don”t do lunch, but if they did) and  the morning in L.A/San Diego  (That”s you @brilliantorange and @thethomason et al)

Football loving soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan will be downing tools a few hours later than kick off. Though one thinks that as much as they want to watch, they may be a tad busy and downing tools may not be a good idea all things being equal.

Our WCO friends in Indonesia will be up at 1am if it”s a 7pm kick -off. Now that is dedication.

If , like @painterspirit, you are in Brazil, you will be finding  a TV a little after lunchtime, so may well miss it if having a small nap.

But will you be allowed to watch in the office if you are there? Or will you be sneaking off to the pub like many others (that means you UK WCO”ers) You won”t be surprised to learn that someone ( has done a survey.

Apparently 62% of people don”t actually care at all, 17% aren”t allowed, 12% have human employers who allows them and 9% will be watching in secret.

Apart from our enlightened USofA followers, it appears that Soccerball still comes a distant 27th behind alligator wrestling on ESPN 32 for spectator sports, so no-one really even knows the Soccer Big Cup is taking place.

However, India and Asia it seems are up La folie des machine a sous a commence au mois de juillet, lorsqu’un bon nombre de joueurs ont obtenu des entrees a la Grande Finale du tournoi, par l’intermediaire des freerolls, des invitations et des tirages. for it, with 30% and 22% respectively – so it seems that there are a few billion people who have got their priorities right.

“It’s important for a business to have clear policies in place for special events like the World Cup which occur during normal working hours,” said Jeff Quinn, senior director of research for “There’s generally a feel good factor for any major sporting event and watching sports can be a great team bonding experience, especially when the home country is doing well. However, it’s not appropriate for all situations so any restrictions should be clearly communicated in advance.”

When Monster Jeff says not appropriate he means the following professions: Brain surgeon during a delicate part of the procedure, airline pilot on final approach, anyone responsible for nuclear weapons, any professional footballer who missed out on the final 23.

After the recent financial meltdown, it may be better if all the Financial Traders” screens were tuned to the football, a tad safer possibly for the rest of the world.

Where will you be watching? What plans have you made? What goodies is your work laying?  Share it with WCO.

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  • Brilliant Orange

    I start by sounding the General Alarm a month before the World Cup starts. That allows the family time to buy earplugs and a divorce attorney.

    I watch in the comfort of my living room, dressed in my replica 1970 Dutch home jersey and nothing else. I am usually alone.

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