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The final countdown – don't Rushwaya just yet

June 1st, 2010 by · 1 Comment · Armchair Fan, Features

Well that was a busy day in the run up to the World Cup. WCO”s Tweeting thumbs are pretty sore. But where does it leave us all?

England, after some would say, typical FA debacle, announced the squad. This took far too long for what should have been a quick, efficient press conference. Instead Sky has us believing that it was all some seismic event. The real question is: Is the team good enough? The stats say not and so does our heart. But…you never know…(OK we do)

All the final squads were announced – we wont dwell, as everyone else has just about reviewed this 6 ways from Sunday. But for the sake of due diligence (and Word Count. ed.) some quick highlights.

South Africa dropped Benni McCarthy, the West Ham forward over concerns about his fitness. Nick, Terry and Frank are all in the French squad. West Ham”s own Guillermo Franco makes the Mexico 23, so that evens it up for the East End

In Group B, Argentina surprisingly includes Lionel Messi (what are they thinking?). Greece include…and moving onto Nigeria, Kanu gets the 2013/900/ giochi /LTT del 10 maggio 2013 - Avviso di annullamento di biglietti di lotteria istantanea oggetto di furto09-05-2013 – Lotterie istantanee Nota Prot. lanky nod.

You mean there are other teams other than England in Group C? huh? That will make getting to round 2 a bit more tricky.

Groups, D, E, F, G and H were also all confirmed. Oh, come on, after you followed the first link, you stayed and read them all.

There were also a few friendlies being played just to make it an extra exciting day here at the WCO bunker.

The Dutch tonked Ghana 4-1. Robben was rested, Sneijder whacked a volley in from 20 yards and  Van Persil had a very clean kit.

Portugal beat Cameroon 3-1. Eto”o was sent off for fouling the Dude, sorry Duda. Switzerland lost to Costa Rica. That puts Switzerland in fine company with Scotland having lost to Costa Rica.

Australia beat Denmark 1-0. Did we mention Costa Rica beat Switzerland?

So now the big questions: Will there be any BA flights without stroppy cabin staff to get England to SA? Will they have a Roy Keane cheese sandwich moment? Will anyone sport a mullet, or even a pony tail?

And finally (as Trevor MacDonald says), Brazil were mobbed on their arrival in Zimbabwe for their friendly. The multi-millionaire players celebrated immediately becoming multi-trillionaires when they changed their money at the FX counter. The brilliantly named Henrietta Rushwaya, stayed right there and told the assembled hacks “This is the best thing ever to happen to Zimbabwean football,” before rushing away to get Ronaldinho”s autograph, the Brazilian one in those Nike adverts.

More WCO goodness tomorrow.

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  • Brilliant Orange

    I wonder how the New Jersey-born Giuseppe Rossi feels about his exclusion from the League of Ancient Italians? He’s being very chin-up about it on his Twitter page (@GiuseppeRossi22), which also reveals what may be part of the problem: TOO FREAKING AMERICAN.

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