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USA nearly get a Turkey stuffing – more morsels

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After the Champions League final, we all enter the football free few weeks before the big kick off on June 11th. I say football free, who am i kidding, there were of course plenty of final preparation friendlies that were played. The age old question ” what does a friendly prove?” is still worth asking, but if we can”t answer it right now, lets look at some of those games and draw speculative conclusions instead.

The best fun was the near shock of Turkey taking USA all the way at the game in Philadelphia. Turkey took the lead, only for Clint Dempsey – formerly of Everton – to bag the winner. Now, it”s a little early, but  WCO think USA will give England a real fright in the first Group C game. For a start, tripping England up will give them something to really go after. Obama has given them special powers, he is planning to call Cameron up and shout “USA, USA, USA!!!” before slamming down the phone. Joe Biden will attend the first game. Yep, we don”t know who he is either.

England scored no goals and won 2-1. Quite a skill when you Best UK Casinos think about it.

In other news, the famous English Hooligans were thwarted trying to get to South Africa for a punch up. WCO think that a bunch of beer bellied, sun burnt, balding blokes draped in the Cross of St. George were fairly easy to spot. Well done to the joint efforts of the Met and their South African counterparts. However, its not the hooligans that worry us, its the ones with AK 47″s that are the real party poopers.

Argentina arrived in South Africa today to finalise their preparations. There was a heart stopping moment at customs when Diego Maradona was asked to “take a line”. Nearly a diplomatic incident within the first half an hour.

The Hay Festival had it”s own Star Wars moment where (to paraphrase) “a thousand middle class voices cried out in terror and then were suddenly silenced”. South African writer Nadine Gordimer when asked about the World Cup in her own country replied “who cares about the World Cup?” Quite Tarquin. Now where is that  fois gras?

SABMiller is spending £16m on beer as part of it”s promotion and sponsorship of the home team. £16m? Light-weights. Asda in Basildon will do that in beer and salty snacks during the England v USA game.

And finally, back to the friendlies, South Africa beat Guatemala 5-0. That”s 11 unbeaten for the hosts. It”s good that the hosts will go into their opening game with confidence. They have a group that they could scrape second place, but it will mean starting with a win over Mexico.

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