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The England 30 – 23 = the unlucky 7

May 12th, 2010 by · 3 Comments · Features, Football

So the CapelloIndex has chosen it”s 30 players. Nope, sorry, Fabio Capello chose them without any help. Honest. However the names were pulled out of the hat are WCO the only ones a little worried?

If Capello has chosen on form, as he as promised, then there are worrying signs all across the squad.

Firstly, lets start at the back. Green and James conceded 122 goals between them last year, with Pompey heading even more south than the coast and Zola heading home. But that”s OK, it was probably the defence in front of them that were to blame. So obviously Upson is a shoo-in to the England back four. King can”t walk after 2 games, Rio has hardly played, and Johnson is part of, it could be argued, the worst Scouser FC for years. Leighton Baines – isn”t that in Zone 6 on the Central Line?

So more optimism in the midfield? Not Casumo har tre avdelningar for sina casinospel, namligen Klassiskt casino, online spelautomater samt Andra spel. really. Gerrard has been out of sorts most of the season, only his back passes weighted perfectly(!). Cole is a sub, as is Walcott and Lennon. Parker and Lampard have had good seasons, though with different results. Adam Johnson and Huddlestone are interesting, but will they stand the heat of a World Cup games with just a single cap between them?

“Up front” has 5 on the squad list. Well 1 really. Rooney will be wrapped up in bubble wrap online casino between now and next month. Crouch, Defoe, Heskey and Bent just don”t feel like they will get you goal when you need it. But you can”t take just one striker can you?

So come 1st June, who will be booking their holiday far away from a television set?

The unlucky 7.

Bent. He could have scored a 100 goals in a tutu and ice skates and he still wouldn”t be on the plane. Dawson is a spare as long as King can get off the sofa. Shaun Wright-Phillips will stay at home with dad as will Huddlestone. Warnock will be at home. Adam Johnson will lose out to Joe Cole. And finally, Scotty Parker will stay at home as long as Barry”s ankle gets better.

Like all good England fans, WCO is busy preparing for the worst and hoping to be proved wrong.

Who goes and who”s on the plane? What do you think?

Next – other provisional squads. Can we use people they don”t want?

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  • Clark Edenson

    Nasri and Van HorseTrolley have been divorced by France and Holland. We should swap for Joe Cole and Heskey. Top Trump Rejects!

  • Wildonion

    And now we can have an annoyed Viera. We’re getting quite a squad together.

  • brilliantorange

    Spanish announcers on Telemundo pronounce Heskey’s first name as “Emily.”

    Pato’s free. And young. And talented. And good.

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