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Own Goals – England's new star striker

May 30th, 2010 by · 8 Comments · Armchair Fan, Features, Football

Well, what a display that was, eh?! The young lad comes out of no-where and sticks two in back of the onion bag. He had great movement, stuck in well behind Rooney. Bent has already booked his fortnight in Spain.

Oh my goodness?! What on earth was that?? Didn”t expect to knock 5 past them, but really, we should have had the decency to turn up. Also, glad to see our penalty taking practice is working out.

Walcott? he”d be quicker running home. And can someone please tell WCO why Scotty Parker hasn”t even played for 5 minutes?

WCO is easily confused we admit, but now we really are confused. It was just the best online casino australia lethargy that seemed to infect the whole team. Weren”t some of the players playing for a place on the plane?

Japan and Mexico have both qualified and England have beaten both with an aggregate of 5-2. If a sign of a good team is to beat people whilst playing badly, then England are a good team. Or they are a bunch of numpties who will be home before the country even gets half excited by a proper World Cup game.

Could be worse, at least England didn”t need extra time like some Euro champions we could mention. (How much is that comment going to come back and haunt WCO?!)

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